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Insolvency & Corporate Restructuring

Our lawyers at McGroddy Brennan are well versed in all matters pertaining to the practice of insolvency law and we have successfully advised a range of creditors and shareholders to date from the initial stages of creditors meetings to the appointment of a liquidator.

We work with a number of other experts in this area such as accountants and other insolvency practitioners to provide a comprehensive overview of the best options available to creditors or shareholders of a company. We have also experience in and can advise across a number of insolvency related areas such as Examinerships, Receiverships and Corporate Restructuring.

We have also advised companies finding themselves in commercial difficulty about the realities of proceeding in business and as to whether the business can be saved, how to achieve the best return for creditors and most importantly how to act at all times in accordance with the strict guidelines set down in companies law. Our lawyers have experience on advising company directors about section 150 actions and section 160 prohibitions.