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Corporate & Commercial

Setting up a business
Company law
Transfer or sale of a business
Dissolution of a business

As the world of commerce becomes more intricate and new trends and practices develop overnight, you need a legal team dedicated to protecting your Business and its every need. McGroddy Brennan has experience in dealing with all manners of commercial law.

Here at McGroddy Brennan, we take a commercial view as well as a legal view on each deal or corporate issue we face. We believe that it is necessary as lawyers to be commercially minded in approaching a commercial project. We know it is necessary to concentrate on the commercial realities as well as the legal issues in approach and our lawyers are trained with this approach in mind. We approach each issue in the same way and like to balance the commercial and the legal realities carefully.

Setting up a Company and advising on the best structure for the client;
All matters relating to Company secretarial;
The duties and rights of directors and shareholders under Company Law;
The Transfer or Sale of a Business;
Shareholding and Share Purchase Agreements;
Franchising and Agency Agreements;
Members voluntary liquidations;
Shareholder Disputes;
Commercial Lending;
Intellectual Property and Information Technology;
The Transfer or Sale of a Business;
Commercial Arbitration;
Consumer Law;